Tech-as-a-Service (TaaS) bundles together hardware, software and services into one cohesive package for all your customers’ technological needs. Give them access to the latest Samsung technology, while optimising their budgets and simplifying their bills. TaaS can help you to differentiate yourself in the market; empower your customers to take advantage of the newest technology, training programmes and maintenance services for their Samsung Galaxy Enterprise devices, all while converting their CapEx into OpEx.


The ability to add your own services for your clients helps create and sustain long term relationships with your customers. With a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription plan, we at Tech Data can help you to deliver an excellent service alongside the award-winning Samsung portfolio.

For more information, visit the bespoke Tech-as-a-Service page below.

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Tech Data Renew

Tech Data Renew offers an easy way to trade in your customers’ Samsung devices and ensure they have the funds and access to the best Samsung technology possible.

TD Renew

Why wait around for the devices to decrease in value when they can be traded in now and their residual value realised? Help your customers’ free up funds for reinvestment with Tech Data Renew.

For more information, visit the bespoke Tech Data Renew page below.

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Channel Accademy

Tech Data Channel Academy

Tech Data Channel Academy is our free, accessible online learning platform. The award-winning e-learning modules are ready to aid your customers in expanding their business knowledge and optimising their sales. For personalised modules for teams or individuals, all compatible with Samsung Galaxy Enterprise’s smartphones and tablets, visit the website below.

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Tech Data Marketing Portal

Tech Data Marketing Portal

Tech Data’s Marketing Portal is your answer to producing high quality marketing materials, and accessing professionally designed assets to engage your customers. This free portal offers marketing essentials and materials for even the smallest businesses. Materials within the portal include:

• Brochures • PDF Files • Email Tools • Web Banners

All of the tools to grow your Samsung business can be viewed and downloaded on-the-go today.

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