Simplify device management with Samsung Knox Mobile Enrolment, without risking the safety of your customers’ corporate data

Why you should choose Samsung Knox Mobile Enrolment

Your customers are looking to keep their businesses up to speed. This includes growth, productivity, and an increasing reliance on corporate devices. Knox Mobile Enrolment (KME) can alleviate pressure on IT administrators by streamlining the initial setup and enrolment of corporate-owned and employee-owned devices.

Give your customers the power of bulk device enrolment throughout their enterprise, while protecting their corporate data. Security comes first and foremost in this solution, so even if a KME-enrolled device undergoes a factory reset, the EMM software is automatically re-installed

Automate device enrolment for corporate use 

Register devices on your customers’ behalf, empower them to enrol a large number of devices for corporate use, and speed up device setup by encouraging users to turn their devices on and connect to WiFi or their mobile data. Eliminate the time constraints of manual enrolment and put devices back under corporate control.
Regardless of your customers’ working environments – whether that’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or Corporately Owned and Personally Enabled (COPE) – KME can offer bulk enrolment with little configuration variance amongst devices. 

What are the features of Samsung Knox Mobile enrolment?

Security, streamlined processes, and simplified experience for the enterprise are the hallmarks of Samsung’s approach to mobile device management. With a variety of device types, platforms, and requirements, you can support your customers in a variety of ways. With Tech Data and Samsung, you can offer:

Out-of-the-box EMM enrolment:

KME streamlines automated EMM enrolment, takes the onus away from your customers’ employees, and automatically installs the required software as part of the intuitive mobile device management.

Flexible options:

Different customers have different needs. Many will need to manage multiple EMM profiles with different settings, while automated EMM sign-in can provide a fast track to enrolment.

High compatibility:

Support the wide range of device models that are used throughout your customers’ enterprise.

Samsung Knox received "strong ratings in 25 of 28 categories in Gartner's Dec. 2017 "Mobile OSs and Device Security: A comparison of Platforms"