Save time and effort in setting up and enrolling devices across your customers’ enterprise by leveraging the power of Samsung Knox Configure 

Why you should choose Samsung Knox Configure

Samsung understands the requirements of your customers’ enterprise businesses — such as the need to deploy and enrol thousands of devices at the same time. Your customers’ businesses have individual needs, so devices, apps, and content are likely to require their own group of settings. 

By choosing Samsung Knox Configure to automate your customers’ deployment, you’ll save their IT administrators huge amounts of time. This cloud-based service enables them to remotely configure Samsung Galaxy devices in bulk. Devices can be deployed across enterprises, rebranded for customers, and even defined as kiosks.  

Streamline deployment with Knox Configure 

Samsung continuously look for ways to help your customers work smarter. By working with Samsung through Tech Data, you can support your customers in their ambition to make lives easier for employees across the enterprise. Knox Configure streamlines device deployment and allows customisation in bulk. 

Give your customers the device security they need. With Knox Configure, you can help them to define profiles, restrictions, preinstalled content, and company app deployment. Knox Configure will deploy these settings automatically to enrolled devices that connect to WiFi or mobile data. 

You can give your customers granular level control of corporate devices used throughout the enterprise. With feature restrictions including roaming, factory reset, and SD card, through to whitelisted and blacklisted apps, your customers can manage all devices remotely through an easy-to-use web portal.

What are the features of Samsung Knox Configure?

Whatever your customers’ needs, Knox Configure offers a large amount of features that simplify and streamline device configuration and deployment. Samsung helps your customers to work smarter, more securely, and — most importantly — in bulk.    

Frictionless out-of-the-box setup, including a streamlined setup process and automated device provisioning. 

Rebranded software, exposing your customers’ branding and business applications onto devices through automated app deployment.

Advanced configuration, included Shared Device support, and dynamic updates so all devices within their enterprise can be kept up-to-date.

Purpose-built appliance, transforming your customer’s devices into kiosks or repurposed devices that offer specific use cases.

IT administrators don’t always have the time to configure and deploy thousands of devices across an enterprise. But with this over-the-air bulk configuration tool from Samsung Knox Configure, devices have never been easier to deploy. Support your customers’ growth, enhance your offering, and offer time and costs saving at an affordable price. All by working with Samsung and Tech Data.