An introduction to Samsung Knox Mobile Environment (KME)

An introduction to
the KME tool

Samsung Knox Mobile Environment (KME) is an innovative enrolment tool which allows you to bulk enrol your devices to your chosen EMM supplier ensuring all desired features and polices are deployed to all the devices in a hassle free manner. Enrolling new devices into your business can be a taxing, time-consuming and labour-intensive process, Knox Mobile Enrolment combats all of these issues in one simple, user-friendly tool. As a reseller, you’re uploading device ID’s for your end-users to make it simple for them to sign up to Knox Mobile enrolment and wirelessly receive the feature and policy roll outs.

Why should a reseller use Knox?

By using Knox Mobile Enrolment with Tech Data, you can automatically enrol the devices you purchased through Tech Data with just three simple clicks, and to avoid copy and pasting errors your IDs can be effortlessly searched with your Order or Invoice ID.

With KME customers devices’ are enroled and updated wirelessly via mobile device management (MDM). In the interest of security, institutions will also have the ability to wipe a device – even if an activation lock is enabled – in instances of loss or theft.

What’s life like without Knox Mobile Enrolment?

Manual deployment over numerous devices is a long and tiresome process which can either involve end-users or IT admins configuring devices via Samsung Configure and USB. To update the content, customers may be required to plug in their device via a USB cord – Knox’s wireless capabilities eradicates the need for cables and speeds up the deployment process.

Without Knox Mobile Enrolment the onus to deploy and maintain a profile lies with the end-user, which brings its’ downfalls, for example; the user could unintentionally remove their profile, requiring replication of deployment which is time consuming. Furthermore, should a device be lost or stolen and whoever had possession of the device attempted to wipe it the device would not work without re-enrolling onto the company EMM.

How to get started?

Setting up with Knox Mobile Enrolment is quick and simple and because Tech Data is an official Samsung Distributor the enrolment will take just a few minutes. 

As a reseller, you can upload devices to Knox Mobile Enrolment on your customers’ behalf - your customer will simply need to register you as their automated reseller to their Knox Mobile Enrolment account and provide you with their customer Knox ID. 

Once integrated into the program you can access the Knox Deployment Programme via TechData’s InTouch console. Simply enter your End Customer ID and a project reference, and you can easily find serial numbers from your purchase order.  Alternatively, you can copy serial numbers directly into the table.

 Select the devices that will be enrolled from your list and click ‘Validate and Upload to KNOX’ and end users’ devices will automatically be configured when they connect to a Wi-Fi or mobile data network. Resellers can check the status of their enrolments in the ‘transaction status’ tab.

EMM partners

Use your existing EMM solution to easily install EMM clients on your employee devices to enroll users.