Deliver security, manageability, and usability with motorola and Tech Data

A relationship built with users in mind

We’re the largest distributor in the UK and our mobile business continues to grow 114%, year on year. Our longstanding relationship with motorola, spanning over a decade, helps us to deliver meaningful support to the channel. By working in partnership with motorola and Tech Data, resellers can deliver a compelling portfolio to customers.

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Why motorola?

A leading smartphone

From making history with the world’s first commercial mobile phone, the DynaTAC 8000 in 1983, to the revolutionary design of its Razr phone in 2003 and the launch of motomods, motorola has always been at the forefront of innovation.

Empowering businesses 
of all sizes 

motorola’s moto range of phones is built on Android, the world’s most popular mobile platform. Android is the natural choice for business users. Its enterprise-class security, apps and features turn an employee’s smartphone or tablet into the perfect business tool.

Putting performance 

motorola is built with your customers in mind. Performance is at its core with everything from a super-fast recharge to its water and scratch resistance on several models.

“moto Z is an incredibly thin Android phone, yet it’s still able to boast the specs of its rival and add modular accessories to the mix.”