Deploy tailored mobile solutions to your customer’s business, secure their devices, and manage their environments with motorola

Manage mobile devices

Through an open Android platform and a powerful ecosystem of partners, devices and software, we can help you deploy mobile solutions tailored to your customer’s business requirements. Mobile device management solutions available from a range of partners will expand your portfolio, wow your customers, and secure their IT environments.


Add a critical layer of security

Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions empower your customers to take full control of company-owned, work managed devices. With a simple onboarding and deployment process, you can quickly secure your customer’s infrastructure, empowering them to work productively without exposing them to the risks of online threats.

Your customers can set policies to control the flow of data, as well as manage VPNs and certificates. If necessary, they can temporarily suspend work apps or remotely wipe business data to keep the business secure. As a trusted advisor, you can work with motorola's Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) partners to deliver a greater MDM experience. MobileIron, for example, opens up the opportunity for your customers to: 

Choose from cutting edge devices like the moto Z smartphone. 

Deploy a customised workspace with the Unified Workspace Cloud.

Modernise your customers' datacentres with ThinkAgile solutions.

motorola’s MDM highlights

Mobile device management solutions from motorola offer great features to your customers, so they can secure and control their devices.

Work profiles for BYOD allow your customer’s employees to seamlessly and securely move between corporate and personal apps.

Single-use mode for purpose-built solutions allow your customers to remotely control setting, provision devices, and lock devices down to run a specific set of apps.

Policy transparency allows your customer’s IT department to offer full disclosure for all IT-enforced policies and restrictions. 

Google Play simplifies app distribution.

Automatic updates 
allow for monthly security updates, as well as ad hoc responses to immediate issues.