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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Deploy mobile services tailored to your customer’s business requirements with motorola and Tech Data. Standardise device control, support their BYOD working practices, and modernise their infrastructure. Position yourself as a trusted advisor by working with motorola to add a critical layer security of to your customer’s business.

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Android Enterprise

Android Enterprise provides multi-layered protection, robust app security, and secure separation of business and personal data. Work with motorola and Tech Data to deploy mobile services suited to your customer’s requirements. Expand your portfolio with a diverse, open platform and a powerful ecosystem of devices and software.

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Native Android

Give your customers the best technical platform to build their mobile applications on. Work with motorola to offer Native Android so you can deliver better reliability and enhanced usability to your customer’s infrastructure. With Native Android, your customers can ensure their critical mobile applications are compatible across devices, without being compromised.

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