Give your customers security, manageability, and usability with motorola devices

motorola is the obvious choice for business

When choosing phones for your business there are three things to consider: security, manageability, and usability. The motorola range delivers all three. Through its wide range of smartphones, motorola is the obvious choice for your customer’s business. It removes hassle for IT admins while giving their users a seamless consumer experience. 

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motorola delivers a range of devices to meet your customer’s needs. By working with Tech Data and motorola, you can give your customer’s employees a choice of phone, without compromising security or manageability. The motorola range has performance at its core, is built with the user in mind, and is the natural choice for business users. 

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Device security and management has never been easier than with motorola. Your customers can set password policies on apps, secure data in transit with always-on VPN, and provide further defence against theft, loss, and attack with multi-level protection. Whatever motorola device they use, they will be protected from all angles. 

IT admins can provide full disclosure for all IT-enforced policies and restrictions so every employee understands the precautions taken to keep the device secure.


Our devices are easily managed, no matter what industry your customers are in. We understand that their working practices vary — and they’re always changing. From BYOD, CYOD, right through to COPE situations, you can give your customers dedicated and secure work profiles. Help them to seamlessly transition between badged work and personal apps, lock devices into running a certain set of apps, and provision their devices. 

With setup wizard for work now supporting QR code scanning and intro screen features, setting up Work Managed Devices can be significantly faster, with the device seamlessly integrated into your customer’s managed fleet.