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Satisfy business compliance requirements

Tech Data provides solutions designed to help your Microsoft customers stay in compliance with various rules and regulations businesses must pay attention to.


Remain compliant in a fluid workplace

Modern practices such as remote working and BYOD are great for employees’ work-life balance. But they can make it difficult for businesses to remain compliant and ensure data is always stored securely. The Tech Data team can help you find the right solutions for your Microsoft customers.

Regulations and employee trends are evolving at a fast pace. GDPR has changed the way we manage and use data, whilst file sharing can be a complicated affair with staff regularly entering and leaving the business. Give your Microsoft customers solid tools and processes at all times.

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Don’t let your customers experience the cost of non-compliance

With cybercrime and hacking on the rise, and the potential of leaks from existing users, your customers need to mitigate and reduce the risks that come from all angles.

Protecting the corporate

Protecting the corporate network

Help your customers to ensure personal devices have appropriate access.

Identifying remote users

Identifying remote users

Make sure your clients can always recognise their users and devices.

Managing shared data

Managing shared data

Help all your customers keep sensitive business and personnel files secure.

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