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Provide powerful collaboration and communication solutions for your clients

Tech Data provides solutions designed to help your Microsoft customers work more efficiently and intelligently with one another.


Enable greater collaboration for clients’ teams

Unified communications has changed the way teams work together. Departments in different sites can operate as if they’re in the same office by file sharing — and using the latest telephony systems to work even closer.

Offer safe and secure file storage

Data storage is a critical component of the modern workplace. Information needs to be instantly accessible by those who have permissions, but stored safely away from those without access. Give your customers easy access without compromising security.

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Provide tools that promote a collaborative company

Convenience and accessibility needs to be balanced against security and compliance. Offer your customers the best of both worlds.

Central storage

A central storage space

One repository for all files and one consistent data platform.

Single yet secure

A single yet secure workspace

Where customers can set predetermined policies around access.

Self service

Support from beginning to end

Connect teams and departments virtually around the world.

Mandarine Academy

Take a closer look at Mandarine Academy

Mandarine Academy provides an online training platform (MOOC Office 365) that helps users discover how to utilise Office 365 collaboration solutions.

To learn more about ecosystem solutions like Mandarine Academy, speak to one of our Microsoft specialists at Tech Data.

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The Voice of Office 365

Introducing The Voice of Office 365

The Voice of Office 365 extends the capabilities of Microsoft Office 365 so an organisation can make and receive telephone calls with their existing Skype for Business license.

To learn more about ecosystem solutions like The Voice of Office 365, speak to one of our Microsoft specialists at Tech Data.

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