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Tap into a partnership that works

Have you got customers who are preoccupied with protecting their data? Or, perhaps they need help with cloud applications, online storage and protection against ransomware threats?

The partnership between Microsoft and Veritas brings a new dimension to the cloud, offering game-changing cloud data protection for your customers. Take the experience and professional approach of Tech Data along with Veritas technology – and you have a winning combination for your Microsoft customers.


Implement simple, powerful solutions for your customers

Together, Backup Exec and Microsoft Azure allow your customers to accelerate their digital transformation, innovate faster and gain greater cost efficiencies – all whilst keeping data at the forefront of their minds.

Veritas Backup Exec gives your customers peace of mind by offering comprehensive data protection for Microsoft Azure, whilst also offering storage optimisation and compliance readiness. The solution is flexible, easy-to-use and can scale seamlessly. Backup Exec is the simple, complete, backup and recovery protection that your customers have been waiting for.

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Reduce costs and maintenance tasks via Veritas Backup Exec with Microsoft Azure

Cut your customers’ total-cost-of-ownership by eliminating unnecessary storage hardware upgrade cycles, whilst also providing a solution that reduces a customer’s risk levels, and offers market-leading flexibility and agility.

Powerful data visibility

Powerful data visibility

Veritas Backup Exec gives customers total visibility to provision, manage, and protect their on-premises and cloud-based workloads. Microsoft Azure hybrid capabilities provide a unified platform to manage on-premise and cloud infrastructures.

Rapid recoverability

Rapid recoverability

Your customers can receive on-demand recoverability any time, anywhere with Backup Exec patented Granular Recovery Technology (GRT). GRT gives your customers the power to recover exactly what they need, whenever they need it.

Data security and compliance

Data security and compliance

Working together, Veritas and Microsoft deliver industry-leading solutions that offer multi-layer AES encryption, secure data through SSL, and encryption using 256-bit AES inline. Data is encrypted at rest in the cloud, so customer data will always remain secure.

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