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Deploy container-based applications quickly and seamlessly

Do you have customers who prefer open source solutions? Are they looking for help optimising the IT they have – or need to better manage their cloud operations?

Red Hat Openshift Container Platform enables organisations to develop, deploy and manage container-based applications seamlessly. Take the experience and professional approach of Tech Data along with Red Hat's expertise – and you have a winning combination for your Microsoft customers.

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Help clients enhance their operations

Openshift Container Platform brings application development and IT operations teams together in order to help your clients modernise applications, accelerate development processes and deliver new services faster.

The Red Hat Openshift Container Platform is simple to use, yet offers powerful tools that your customers’ developers can use for traditional, stateful and cloud-native applications. Built on proven open source technologies such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Kubernetes and Docker, it offers enterprise-grade security, compliance and container management.

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Leverage the key differentiators

As well as offering numerous benefits for the end user, such as being open source, cost-effective, and designed to give developers a powerful tool that is not overly complex, Red Hat is also the ideal solution for Microsoft customers.

Easy to learn

Easy to learn

Our team can provide your customers a suite of Microsoft Azure training for both commercial and technical resources. From bite-sized video tutorials to in-depth on-site technical training, we have everything your commercial and technical resources will require.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Your customers’ developers can quickly and easily create applications on-demand directly from the tools they use most. Operators also have the ability to leverage placement and policy to orchestrate environments that meet their best practices.

Easy to order

Easy to order

Red Hat cloud solutions can easily be ordered and deployed via our StreamOne cloud marketplace, while the process to deploy the infrastructure is fully automated.

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