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Get your business users up-to-speed faster through Mandarine Academy

Have you got customers who are undergoing – or about to embark upon – a digital transformation? Are they looking for an efficient way to train their staff on popular Microsoft solutions like Office 365?

Mandarine Academy provides an online training platform (MOOC Office 365) that helps users discover how to utilise Office 365 collaboration solutions. Tap the service of Tech Data along with Mandarine Academy's training expertise – and you have a winning combination for your Microsoft customers.

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Designed with the user in mind

The mix of live online training, on-demand tutorial videos and e-learning helps your customers’ users to adopt Office 365 quickly, and ensures they can benefit and learn in a way that best suits them.

The Mandarine Academy can assist with the onboarding of new Office 365 users, including the preparation of the online environment, deployment, and data migration. It also provides your customers’ end users continued assistance on Office 365 products with the Assistance Pack.

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Tap into an array of benefits

As with any academy, Mandarine’s aim is to help educate, assist and advise. The goal of Mandarine is to provide information and knowledge that is easy to digest, and will help your clients’ users interact with Office 365 in a more efficient and effective manner.

MOOC Office 365

MOOC Office 365

This online training platform makes discovering new features of Office 365 easy, and allows your customers’ users to interact directly with an Office 365 expert for guided learning.

Spread training over time

Spread training over time

90-minute remote sessions allow gradual learning, ensuring that no user is hit with too much information in a short period.

Support from beginning to end

Support from beginning to end

Your customers gain support for the full onboarding process, from creating user accounts to allocating licenses to deployment and data migration.

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