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Tech Data enables you to better serve your customers with Microsoft and our ecosystem solutions that address Microsoft Azure and Office 365.

Leverage Ecosystem Solutions for Microsoft Azure

At Tech Data, we understand that you serve business customers across a wide range of industries – each facing their own unique set of challenges. As a partner, you can tap into the relationships Tech Data has forged with many well-known solution providers to help your customers derive more value from Microsoft Azure – and transform their business in the cloud.

Have you got customers who need better ways to manage their data? Do they need help migrating data to the cloud? Do you have any questions about storage, protection, orchestration, optimisation, or security?

NetApp provides data services and subscriptions in the public cloud that enable your customers to deliver meaningful business outcomes quickly and cost efficiently – eliminating lengthy IT processes and complexities. NetApp and Microsoft Azure allow your customers to move data between clouds, creating a seamless, easy to access, hybrid cloud. Help your clients grow and transform their business with NetApp and Microsoft cloud solutions.

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Do you have customers who prefer open source solutions? Are they looking for help optimising the IT they have – or need to better manage their cloud operations?

Red Hat and Microsoft offer more choice and flexibility for your clients’ hybrid cloud deployments, delivering enterprise operating systems, simplified container technologies, rigorous security and integrated support.

Red Hat Openshift Container Platform helps organisations develop, deploy and manage container-based applications seamlessly across physical, virtual and public cloud infrastructures.

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Do you need to help a customer implement automated processes so they can focus on revenue producing opportunities? Would you like help in showing them how to stay ahead of finance, procurement and supply chain needs?

Not only can your clients quickly and easily upgrade database applications to the very latest technology from SAP, you can also help them oversee a more flexible, pay as you go infrastructure environment that scales database capacity up and down as required. Bring unparalleled performance to your customer’s entire SAP estate with Microsoft Azure.

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Do you have clients who need to implement stronger protection for their company's data? Are they looking for a more advanced backup, recovery and continuity solution?

Everyone knows they should back up their data. But it's important to maintain at least three copies of data, stored on at least two different types of storage media, with one copy offsite. With Microsoft Azure, Veeam helps your customers achieve the final step by offering both full and file level granular recovery back to the customer’s on-premise environment or in Microsoft Azure.

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Have you got customers who are preoccupied with protecting their data? Or, perhaps they need help with cloud applications, online storage and protection against ransomware threats?

Backup Exec and Microsoft Azure enable your customers to accelerate their digital transformation, innovate faster and gain greater cost efficiencies while keeping data at the forefront of their minds. Backup Exec is powerful, flexible and easy-to-use; and your customers can now seamlessly scale it to the cloud with a certified integrated cloud connector for Microsoft Azure.

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How about Ecosystem Solutions for Office 365?

You can also benefit from our close relationship with Microsoft to enable your business customers to improve the ways in which they collaborate and communicate, using products such as Office 365.

Do you have customers who need to improve – or implement – cloud solutions? Got clients who need help to empower users, increase IT efficiency or prove compliance?

If you're looking for Microsoft Cloud expertise, look no further than AvePoint. AvePoint accelerates the migration, management and protection of your customer’s Office 365 and SharePoint content. Whether already in the cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid environment, AvePoint solutions have your customers’ needs covered.

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Would you like to make Microsoft solutions deliver even more for your customers? Do you have a client who needs to efficiently migrate email and multiple workloads from any source to any destination?

Now, you can team up with Tech Data and BitTitan to help your customers. BitTitan® empowers IT service professionals to successfully deploy and manage cloud technologies through automation. MigrationWiz® is the industry-leading SaaS solution for mailbox, document and public folder migrations between a wide range of sources and destinations.

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Looking for solutions designed to help your customers’ teams deliver higher quality work? Do you need to help your customer implement – or improve – a cloud solution?

Now, you can help your clients increase efficiency and lower IT costs with secure Citrix cloud solutions. Accelerate Windows 10 migration and enable protected mobile productivity in the cloud with Office 365 through Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. Help your customers embrace digital workspaces and broaden enterprise mobility through this Citrix and Microsoft collaboration.

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Have you got customers who are undergoing – or about to embark upon – a digital transformation? Are they looking for an efficient way to train their staff on popular Microsoft solutions like Office 365?

Mandarine Academy supports companies with their digital transformation by simplifying the handling and use of new technologies for all staff. Thanks to a unique approach combining a digital platform with personalised and frequent support in one-to-one meetings, Mandarine Academy offers you a new, more efficient way of training in terms of development, capacity, time and budget.

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Do you have customers looking to improve collaboration and communication? Would they appreciate being able to lower the total cost of their phone systems?

The Voice of Office 365 offers Microsoft 365 and Office 365 users and their organisations the ability to use Skype for Business Online as a true PBX telephone exchange in the cloud. With The Voice of Office 365, you can help your customers gain access to all Skype for Business functionalities – and uptime is independent from Microsoft 365 and Office 365.

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