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Cloud Solutions Provider

Offer the best cloud-based services to your customers through Microsoft and Tech Data

Deliver compelling business tools such as Microsoft Cloud Solutions to your customers through Tech Data and enjoy increased profitability, hands-on support and opportunities to maximise your revenues.


What is Microsoft CSP?

Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) is a programme that gives you access to popular cloud based solutions on a monthly recurring basis, via the Tech Data StreamOne platform. Improve end-to-end customer experience, enjoy recurring revenues and make billing and provisioning easier.

What are the business benefits?

Participate in the Microsoft CSP programme for access to expertise and advice on how you and your customers can capitalise on cloud opportunities.


Work with Tech Data and receive technical support, along with a service that streamlines your migration to the Cloud. We offer training across marketing (including Marketing as a Service), sales and technical for our CSP partners so they can build profitable cloud practices on Microsoft solutions.

Customer support

With Microsoft CSP, you can set the price, the terms and directly bill customers. With the ability to directly provision and manage subscriptions, you can gain greater visibility and control of your revenues, while being the first point of contact for customer support.


We offer flexible programmes tailored to your, and your customer’s business needs, increasing profitability and growing your business faster than your competitors. Work with us to customise your pathway to becoming a successful trusted advisor, extending your offerings with the right cloud product.

Drive revenue with CSP solution elements

With our CSP programme, you will have access to cloud-based solutions including Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, and Microsoft EM+S.

Use this security add-on for devices and Office 365 which allows your customers to work more securely, wherever they are.

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Help your customers grow with greater efficiency and be more responsible to change with this flexible cloud platform.

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Microsoft’s cloud based CRM solution that enables you to market smarter, sell more effectively and grow your business.

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The desktop applications your customers know and love, including Excel and Powerpoint, available across multiple devices, anytime, anywhere.

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