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Tech Data provides the best combination of leading cloud providers, products and services to enable partners to expand their cloud businesses. Our team is here to offer you a range of support, management tools and business building resources programmed to help meet customers’ evolving needs and drive monthly recurring revenue growth for you as a partner.

StreamOne Cloud Marketplace

StreamOne Cloud Marketplace

StreamOne Cloud Marketplace (SCM) is an exclusive tool for our partners that helps you learn about, buy and manage cloud subscriptions and services on behalf of your customers. Tech Data offers you a range of exclusive business building resources, management tools, and professional services to help you smooth your customers’ transition to the cloud while growing your monthly recurring revenue.

Through the reseller portal, you have complete control from a dashboard that easily brings you white-labeled quoting, billing, and analytics. You can build custom solutions using our blueprints and platform APls to enable integration with your business.

The StreamOne Cloud Marketplace enables you to:

  • Expand offerings, build your own solutions and establish a custom storefront
  • Address evolving cloud needs through a one-stop shop for products and solutions
  • Gain efficiencies and reduce costs through a single platform capable of automatic quoting, provisioning, subscription management, bill and analysis
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StreamOne Enterprise Solutions

StreamOne Enterprise Solutions

StreamOne Enterprise Solutions (SES) is tightly integrated with top cloud providers – including Microsoft – in a single cloud platform to streamline management and cost-effectively expand your portfolio.

This unique cloud platform provides interactive dashboards, analytics, custom storefronts, billing management, end-customer access and control, plus the ability to build your own solutions. That means you, as a partner, can scale to market at your own pace. As a partner, you are able to self-select from Standard and Premium platform plans that best meet your customer's business needs. Plan features are easy to set up and require minimal technical knowledge to get started quickly.

The StreamOne Enterprise Solutions allows you to:

  • Expedite time to market, expand your offerings and build your own solutions
  • Create competitive differentiation through a full range of products and services designed to help your customers dramatically improve their processes and services
  • Provide users with self-service dashboard access to automate provisioning, governance and management
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Partner APIs

You don't have to be incredibly tech-savvy to get the value of an application program interface (API).

In general terms, an API describes and prescribes an expected behaviour so various components can communicate more easily. This is useful in cloud computing where there are many different operating systems, database systems or software libraries that need to clearly understand one another in order to function.

Tech Data provides a range of commonly-needed APIs meant to help your customers transform their website and cloud management capabilities. For all Tech Data partners it should be as simple as learn, build, and test for the APIs we make available.

Unlock the power of StreamOne Cloud Market Place

Unlock the power of StreamOne Enterprise Solutions

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