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Make the transition from direct to indirect billing with Tech Data

With Tech Data, your customers don’t need to know the way you transact with Microsoft has changed. We are here to make that transition as easy and seamless as possible.

The way you transact with Microsoft has changed

Microsoft has updated the requirements for joining the Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) Partner Program. If you no longer meet the requirements you will need to transact with an indirect CSP provider like Tech Data. The new requirements are:

Managed services

Partners must provide at least one managed service, IP service or customer solution application


Partners must meet the minimum infrastructure capabilities, such as billing and provisioning


Partners must demonstrate steady business growth


Partners must purchase either a Microsoft Advanced Support or Microsoft Premier Support for Partners package

Tech Data meets these requirements

Tech Data meets these requirements

Tech Data have the largest and most knowledgeable team in the channel, and we are here to help partners grow their cloud business in both Modern Workplace and Microsoft Azure. Ease the transition from direct bill to indirect reseller with Tech Data.

Our specialists can help you make the move in a number of ways.

Our team will help you understand your options and the best path for you in moving to Microsoft CSP. Whether you want to talk through your choices with an expert or get access to training and specialist resources such as webinars, contact the Tech Data team.

If you have been transacting with Microsoft directly, and now need to use an indirect partner, Tech Data is here to help.

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