Accelerate your business with a dedicated Tech Data team and our Velocity accelerator programme.

Why Tech Data?

Tech Data is committed to going the extra mile, giving you access to your own account manager, dedicated training, partner events and marketing as a service. When you commit yourself to the Velocity programme, we commit to giving you the opportunity to maximise your business growth with Microsoft. 


What is the Velocity programme? 

Our Velocity programme is designed to propel you to Microsoft Silver competency in Office 365, Azure or Enterprise Mobility and Security Suite (EM+S). It provides technical, marketing, sales, and training benefits (totalling in excess of £20K per partner). 

Available to selected partners, Velocity will help you strengthen your competitive position by gaining certified competency in Microsoft solutions. An enviable differentiator, it will help you to drive significant revenues for your Microsoft business.

How can it be used to accelerate your business?

Our accelerator programme will take you to a higher level of competency and confidence in Microsoft solutions – faster than you’d imagine.  It delivers a range of benefits in the form of technical, marketing and sales training and support, so you can quickly go from where you are today, to where you want to be with your Microsoft sales. 

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Accelerate your Microsoft business growth with Tech Data’s Velocity Programme

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