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Technical training

Cloud and Proud

A two-day technical training event will help you to build Azure solutions using CSP capabilities (ARM), understand Azure pricing and calculating solutions, migrate and manage cloud workloads and make transactions via CSP direct or indirect marketplace.

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Sales training

Cloud Bootcamp

Discover how to sell across all Microsoft products and how to position the sales conversation to convert customers to the cloud. This half day training will take an overview approach to what the cloud is and how to sell it by introducing Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure and EM+S.

Drumbeat Grow

Drumbeat Grow is a one day sales training event, giving you to practice solutions to sell Office 365. The conversations you will build and pitch will address cloud adoption planning, getting access to BDMs and having a BDM conversation.

Channel Champions

Delivered by expert Microsoft trainers, this 1 day product training event offers a comprehensive overview of Office 365 and an Azure Discussion of Hybrid WS/SQL - the journey from on-premise to cloud. This event will take your understanding to the next level. 


Marketing training

Marketing as a Service

A workshop around digital transformation, how customers are purchasing and consuming their solutions very differently, and how marketers can upskill their marketing efforts, using the very latest techniques and marketing as a service to drive revenue. 


We offer the best training, events, and programmes to our partners. From CSP workshops right through to Cloud bootcamps, we share our expertise and knowledge up and down the country. Our priority is giving you the required skills to become a trusted advisor.


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