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Windows 10

Why you should sell Windows 10

Windows 10 is safer and more secure than any other Windows operating system, and always stays up to date. It’s designed to support the rich array of devices that are now available to all users and it learns and adapts to the individual’s way of working.

Windows 10 is better than ever

Safer and more secure

Safer and more secure

Windows 10 has built-in security to protect customers from modern security threats. Become a trusted advisor by providing your customers with the most trusted platform for business.

Modern Support

Modern device support

Deliver new ways for your customers to create, learn, collaborate and visualise. With Windows 10, customers can get the best from their investments in modern devices.

Its more personal

Personalised experiences

Increase your customers’ productivity with Windows 10 by delivering a solution that adjusts to their personal style, whether they’re working in an office or at home.

It’s more productive

Increase productivity

Improve your customer’s business by empowering them to spend less time on deployment and device management, and more on driving innovation and digital transformation.

Windows 10

How can Windows 10 be used by your customers?

Windows 10 is the PC operating system designed to help you pursue your passions, make better connections, and give back some time. With Windows 10, your customers will be able to surf the internet, stay connected, generate work, create art or music – and run all the applications that keep them productive.

Windows 10 can be used to counteract outdated infrastructure, processes and tools, making it easier for your customers to protect their business, whatever their industry. Whether they’re at home or at the office, they can work in a personalised way.

By working with Tech Data to sell Windows 10, you can help your customers to embrace the opportunities that digital transformation can offer them. Get them working securely, quickly and productivity.

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