Microsoft Surface

Why you should sell Microsoft Surface

See what happens when you sell Microsoft Surface and related solutions together. It's a winning combination that's making waves across the enterprise. For instance, when you combine Microsoft Surface and Microsoft 365, there's an opportunity for your customers to dramatically save IT helpdesk time, boost employee retention, and enhance creativity. It gives you the end-to-end solution your customers want, while helping you maximise further opportunities and revenues.

Offer your customers Surface, which comes with Windows 10 Pro included, and is ready for Microsoft 365 for commercial and education customers.

Enable your customers to work their way with Surface

Microsoft Surface has been making productivity portable for all kinds of workers for years. Surface is engineered to deliver the best Windows 10 experiences for your customers. Now with expansive performance enhancements and stunning new displays, these Surface devices are designed to help your customers accomplish more.

Inspire your employees

Microsoft Teams

Get your team on the same page with group chat, online meetings, calling and web conferencing and take advantage of Surface Hub technology including enhanced AI and Microsoft Whiteboard collaboration.

Workplace transformation

Workplace transformation is a team sport

Equip your team with a strategy and the right technology. Achieve reduced costs, greater productivity, better focus on customers, and speedier decisions.


It takes an innovator to connect today’s remote teams

Your customers' employees expect it and Surface enables it. Find support and actionable ideas to help build a strong and effective remote working culture for your teams.

Attract and retain top talent

Help customers attract and retain top talent for better ROI

Today’s workforce expects the ability to work from anywhere in pursuit of a good work-life balance. Evolve your technology to prioritise remote work.

Drive long-term

Drive long-term device value with modern workplace strategy

A new ROI equation drives device investment value in the modern workplace. Its factors are flexibility, security, creativity and power.

Microsoft Surface

Help everyone make the shift with Surface

Support for Windows 7 is ending, but you can help your customers be ready for tomorrow when they make the shift to a modern desktop – with Surface and Microsoft 365. They'll inspire employees, boost productivity, secure company data, and unlock more value for their business. A win for them is a win for you.

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Microsoft Surface

Why Tech Data for Microsoft Surface?

At Tech Data, we offer you the best prices for Microsoft Surface devices. We give you access to the full portfolio so you can meet the various needs of your customers. Our exclusive promotions offer you some great discounts, so you always get the best value for money.

To complement your customers' Microsoft Surface devices, Office 365 delivers even more productivity, enhanced data security and the flexibility to work on any device. With Office 365, commercial customers can move to the cloud at their own pace, with full management control and reliable integration.

Provide your customers with high-quality Microsoft Surface devices and productivity tools to get the best out of every working day.

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