Why Tech Data for Micro Focus?

At Tech Data, we take pride in our people and their knowledge, our data quality and our relationships with our partners. We have a clear voice in the technology market and capitalise upon targeted routes of communication, but primarily we’re confident in our ability to deliver growth.

Tech Data’s in-depth understanding of Micro Focus products and solutions means we can help our resellers with on-boarding, enablement, progressing opportunities and execution of sale. We have a team of dedicated specialists who are equipped to help support you from pre-sale through to delivery. 

Above all, we aim to be your Trusted Advisor, growing your customer sales, improving your profit margins, reducing your costs and increasing your customer satisfaction – we’re with you every step of the way as you explore the potential working with Tech Data can bring to your business. 

Meet the team

Our relationship with Micro Focus is by far the strongest it’s ever been, our in-depth expertise in their software portfolio and end-to-end sales model is more detailed and thorough than ever before. Because of this, we are in an amazing position to partner with and push Micro Focus technology to our reseller partners, and ensure they are skilled and enabled reap the full rewards of everything the software giant has to offer.

Peter Spreadbury, Business Unit Director, Advanced Solutions Enterprise Software, Tech Data