Micro Focus Partner Program

Partners are critical to the business success of Micro Focus, so the business does everything in its power to reward partner’s investment and ensure enterprise-grade customer success.

This customer success depends upon exceptional product implementation by Micro Focus and the vital, complimentary skills that partners bring.

Enterprise-grade scalable solutions 

The mission is to solve the most complex technology problems for customers through delivery of world-class portfolio of enterprise-grade scalable solutions in key areas including:

Hybrid IT
You need to bridge the gap between legacy infrastructure and the digital enterprise. Micro Focus solutions are easy to consume and deploy in any environment, reducing IT costs and time to value. We harden the latest technologies to make them work for you.

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As a modern DevOps enterprise, you need to accelerate time to market and increase quality. Micro Focus provides an easy-to-use, seamless tool set that scales across the SDLC. From on-premises to cloud and from mainframe to mobile, we address all your DevOps needs.

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Security & Risk
From compliance issues to the most advanced cyber threats, you need to safeguard your enterprise. Micro Focus protects what you value most: users, data, and applications.

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Information Management & Governance
Data volumes and requirements are exploding, weighing down IT and forcing organizations to rethink point solution strategies. Micro Focus’ modular software portfolio helps you control data; lessen the burden on IT; and mitigate risk of fines, sanctions, and lost market credibility.

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Putting partners at the centre of Micro Focus’ business ensures that together, you and your customers effectively deliver enterprise software solutions. Benefits of being a partner include a partner portal, on-demand technical training, sales enablement, partner-use software, opportunity and technical support. 

Micro Focus Support and Training

Premier Partner benefits include profitability programs, with perks such as: 

Deal registration rebates

enabling you to improve your margin with a simplified process, and a relationship you can trust.

MDF Program

true demand generation activities that create quality pipeline and accelerate sales cycles. 

To become a partner or to learn more about the Microfocus Partner Program, contact the Microfocus team today:

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