Micro Focus
IT Operations Management

Applications are accelerating the Digital Enterprise. To succeed, your customers’ IT must accelerate to the speed of DevOps, and evolve to continuous operations that are easier, faster and highly transformative. 

Leveraging their curated Container Deployment Foundation, micro-services, and big data analytics, Micro Focus present their ITOM Platform, enabling continuous operations for modern IT. 

Data Protection

Enable your customers to secure their data with backup and disaster recovery.

Your customers’ business-critical data is pivotal to the success of their business. Empower them to protect that data with features such as instant recovery via native application integrations, predictive analytics, reporting and monitoring, as well as best-in-class storage integrations. 

Network Operations Management

Manage, automate, and ensure compliance for physical, virtual and software-defined networks.

The management offering promises performance, capacity and compliance as well as industry-first risk dashboards and enterprise scalability and device support. 

Data Centre Automation

Automate enterprise-scale provisioning, patching, and compliance across servers, databases, and middleware.

With Micro Focus’ Data Centre Automation offering, your customers will be reaping the rewards of market-leading compliance content, multivendor support and integration as well as enterprise-standard provisioning and configuration. 

Service Management Automation X

The industry’s first, container-based, multi-tenant service management automation solution.

Service Management Automation-X simplifies end user experience and drives down operational costs using advanced analytics; it provides true customer choice and is the only solution available for deployment on premise, virtualised, on bare metal, or on public cloud infrastructure. The solution offers container-based delivery, runs on the public cloud, utilises codeless and version-less configuration, a modern user experience, multi-tenant managed service provider support and enterprise applications.  

Hybrid Cloud Management

Design, deliver and manage a full spectrum of hybrid environments on any cloud, container or infrastructure.

Micro Focus’ Hybrid Cloud Management solution offers your customers cloud brokering an governance, self-service hybrid IT deliver, Cloud-agnostic service designs as well as continuous delivery and deployment.

By implementing HCM customers realise 59% higher productivity for fulfilment teams (IDC).