Simplify and secure your customer’s management of data with software-defined storage and virtualised infrastructures with IBM Spectrum Virtualize.

What is IBM Spectrum Virtualize and how can you sell it?

IBM Spectrum Virtualize improves data value by enabling software-defined storage in your customer’s physical infrastructures. Your customers can integrate enterprise-class capabilities to any storage infrastructure, without costly hardware investment. 

Position yourself as a trusted advisor with IBM and Tech Data by creating a comprehensive data and storage solution for all your customer’s data. Deploy hybrid cloud environments for your customers and virtualise their storage so they can enjoy greater data economics.

So what are the benefits of IBM Spectrum Virtualize?

Improved data value

Reduce the costs associated with storing data by virtualising your customer’s storage utilisation. Help them to deliver applications faster and gain more intelligent business insights. With compression, your customers can increase their amount of data storage in the same space by up to five times the amount.  

Reduced infrastructure costs

Dynamically scale your customer’s storage infrastructure so they can create, deploy and deliver new generation applications. By virtualising their SAN storage, customers can make large scale deployments with minimal upfront investment on infrastructure and even lower operational costs.

Increased data security

Protect your customers data from cyber attacks, theft or inappropriate disclosure with software-based encryption. Virtualisation eliminates storage downtime, facilitating the movement of data from one failed storage type to another that is available. IBM Virtualize improves data availability by providing automatic switchover across data centres.

Simplified data management

Consolidate your customer’s storage and eliminate vendor lock-in. By allowing a mix of vendors into the storage infrastructure, your customers can pick the components that best suit their business demands. IBM Spectrum Virtualize integrates with VMware vCenter to improve agility, automate provisioning of storage and improve deployment of new storage.

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