Reduce your customer’s overall costs, reduce their downtime and minimise potential loss of profit.

Why you should sell IBM Maintenance through Tech Data

Support your customer’s critical IT needs, mitigate their infrastructure and software problems and deliver rapid response for problems that can’t be avoided. Working with Tech Data and IBM gives you access to technical specialists who can help you to help your customers.

Discover how Tech Data can help you to consolidate and centralise your multivendor contracts.

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What are the features of IBM Maintenance?

Multivendor maintenance

Become your customer’s single point of contact to manage multiple vendor maintenance contracts. By working with Tech Data, you’ll have access to a dedicated team with solid IBM technical support services who can help you to meet demanding Service Level Agreements.

You can eliminate complexity, save your customer’s time and money and make great margin on IBM maintenance within your own business. Our experts can simplify the process of contract consolidation for you and your customers, helping everyone to work better.

Hardware maintenance support

Help your customers to get the most out of their IBM-branded hardware by delivering patches, firmware updates and expert technical support needed to stay up and running. Enhanced Technical Support (ETS) is a premium offering from Tech Data which gives you the opportunity to offer your customers personal, integrated and proactive problem prevention and management.

Working with Tech Data and IBM bridges the gap between your customer’s hardware and software. This is done through the Account Advocate Team that drives ETS activity based on an in-depth knowledge of your customer’s environment and organisation.

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Software maintenance

In partnership with IBM, we help you to deliver deep expertise in infrastructure support to always ensure your customer’s software has high availability.

Work with Tech Data to establish business continuity and recover critical business applications for your customers, manage integrated communications and networking environments and facilitate your customer’s agile business.

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Give your customers the maintenance they deserve to achieve business continuity.

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