Finance your customer’s IBM possibilities through Tech Data.

Offer better finance for your IBM customers

Help your customers to drive innovation and outpace competitors with IBM Global Financing. With Tech Data and IBM you can offer customers a better way to manage their cash flow, shorten their payback period and finance their possibilities.

So what are the features of IBM Finance?

Through Tech Data, you can offer your customers financing for all IBM solutions. By reducing the burden of costs for your customers, you open up their potential to innovate and pave the way for your own cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

IBM also have a variety of payment options and promotions - all designed to make your customers’ finances go further. These include 0% finance and deferral periods.

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Flexible credit and finance solutions from Tech Data

In addition to traditional trade credit facilities, Tech Data is able to provide a wide range of credit and finance solutions to help you service your customer requirements and in turn grow your business:

  • The Credit Elevator programme enables you to grow your credit facility over a period of time subject to spend and payment history.
  • End User Billing and Deed of Assignment arrangements provide free working capital to support larger deals where trade credit facilities are not available.

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Discover how you can finance your IBM customer’s opportunities through Tech Data.

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