Unlock the real value of your customer’s data and help them to manage the exponential growth of infrastructure data with IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS).

What is IBM COS and how can you sell it?

IBM Cloud Object Storage supports unstructured data, with flexibility across private, dedicated and public cloud. A comprehensive object storage platform with technology innovation at its core, it transforms unstructured content and offers tremendous reliability.

Position yourself as a trusted advisor with IBM and Tech Data by making object storage part of the solution for your customer’s data demands. Deliver new levels of storage capacity that can fuel enterprise innovation.

So what are the benefits of IBM COS?

Better scalability

Your customer’s data is already increasing exponentially, so where will it be in 10 years time? IBM COS software offers a scale-out architecture that increases your customer’s storage capacity efficiently and easily. Always working to help meet your customer’s performance requirements, your customers can rapidly grow their business and add more storage.

Stringent security  

As regulations become more complex, your customers face more stringent requirements. IBM COS makes compliance simple. Data is encrypted when it’s in motion and is inherently private while it’s at rest. Equipped with SecureSlice, your customers can benefit from a standard product feature, with no additional license fee.

Configurable reliability and availability

These characteristics can be defined to match the requirement of the system and storage. Whether your customers have extremely demanding applications, or need to support the deployment and delivery of modern applications, they can choose the level of reliability, availability and economic efficiency of the storage required.

Streamlined management

IBM COS has always-on availability, supports robust configuration and empowers storage administrators to handle up to 15 times the storage capacity. Storage applications can be served while completing tasks that would require downtime in traditional storage systems.  Automate your customer’s day-to-day tasks, streamline management, and reduce costs.

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