What is IBM Technology Support Services?

OEM-quality IT support
IBM Technology Support Services offer proactive, onsite and remote IT support to suit your customers’ specific business requirements. Their support services cater to over 30,000 IBM and non-IBM devices, delivering OEM-quality IT support and significant savings, while reducing the time your customers spend managing vendor relationships for their multivendor data centre. What’s more, they also aim to extend the life of your customers’ mission-critical IT equipment.
What’s on offer?
Support services through IBM are tiered, offering different levels of support based on the complexity of your customers’ requirements and level of risk. The three levels of support are as follows:
The basic support and maintenance package delivers hardware and software maintenance, access to IBM’s 24/6 support line and ‘same day’ on-site response and client remote voice support.
Enhanced Care
The enhanced care package offers all of the elements of ‘Basic’ support, and also includes enhanced response time with a remote account advocate who co-ordinates the hardware and software incidents.
Premier Services
As well as offering all of the elements of the ‘Basic’ and ‘Enhanced care’ packages, the ‘Premiere services’ offers mission critical support and proactive services to help prevent outages from occurring in the first place.
What are the emerging trends in support services?
Intelligent Devices
Appropriate use of intelligent devices enables support offerings to detect problems before they even arise. Using predictive analytics support engineers can proactively conduct maintenance, repair and replacement tasks. This emerging trend is made possible by the devices being embedded with sensors and monitoring devices that can collate information about themselves and their surrounding environment.
Artificial Intelligence 
and Virtual Agents
Breakthroughs in AI-powered conversation platforms, language understanding and context resolution are driving the progress of using ‘chatbots’ in the domain of customer support. Should these elements be implemented successfully, IBM’s Technology Support Services will be able to offer your customers a new way of interacting with support services, enabling them to maintain the smooth running of their business critical IT environment.
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