Multi-Vendor IT and Support Services

Support your customers by offering them simplified IT support management; rather than wasting time and money on managing various vendor relationships for their multivendor data centres, they can streamline multiple OEM and vendor contracts to a single vendor, who has the expertise to care for all their technology support needs.
IBM multi-vendor support services promise to improve availability, lower the time it takes to come to a resolution and reduce outages with your mission critical IT equipment.
IBM’s multi-vendor IT and support services cater to the following industries and requirements:
ATM and Branch Banking Services for Financial Institutions
Using analytics-based, proactive technical support, ATM and branch services availability can be fine-tuned to optimal performance.
Healthcare Technology Support Solutions
Comply with data governance regulations and improve your IT environment availability, all through one dedicated contact.
Lifecycle Maintenance Support
Extend the life of your customers’ IT equipment while maximising their ROI.
Network and Security Support
Partnerships with leading network and security OEMs, enable IBM to act as the single maintenance provide for your customers’ entire network.
Data Centre Support Services
By having a single point of contact you can simplify your customers’ data centre support, extend the longevity of their IT equipment, reduce their costs and optimise their system availability.
Product Support for Manufacturers and System Integrators
Improve service delivery and enhance customer experience through IBM’s robust services, infrastructure and skills.
Retail Technology Support Solutions
By capitalising upon single-point-of-contact maintenance and support you can minimise your customers’ system downtime.
Third-Party Software Support Services
IBM provide 24/7 support for all Microsoft, Open Source, VMware, SAP Hana and Linux software products.
Estimator Tool
Want to find out just how much money you can save your customers by using IBM multi-vendor IT and support services? Try out their Estimator Tool which will help to estimate the potential 3-year cost savings when your customers’ contact IBM as their technology support provider.
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