Give your customers programmatic control of their 
data centre, from storage to networking, with the best software-defined solutions from HPE.

Why you should choose HPE

Your customers need to overcome big data challenges, migrate to the cloud and achieve scalable growth. With so many demands on businesses, there is no room left for rigidity when it comes to your customer’s data centres. 

Work with Tech Data to deliver software-defined solutions from HPE and modernise your customer’s environment. Deliver the right balance of compute for their data centre, improve their IT resources and reduce their infrastructure costs.

Software-defined data centre (SDDC)

Underpinned by a mix of hardware and software, this software-defined data centre gives your customers the best of both worlds. This solution helps your customers to add networks more easily, reduce operational complexity and empowers IT to create and deliver new value instantly. With HPE, your customers can stay ahead of the competition.  


As more customers look to migrate to SDDC, HPE seeks to make this migration seamless. Partnering with VMware, HPE’s virtualisation automates day-to-day management and provisioning tasks. Management is simplified as administrators can control  compute, storage, and networking resources without needing detailed knowledge of each device.


Give your customers the ability to grow rapidly and at scale, despite shrinking budgets. They need a simple solution that fulfills their complex business demands. Deliver an infrastructure that’s configurable, scalable, agile and highly available. HPE’s hyperconverged solution allows your customers to quickly deploy virtual machines and reduce overall IT costs.

Software-defined storage (SDS)

Businesses need to do more with less, at a lower cost. Software-defined solutions from HPE give your customers the ability to establish high availability, improved security and simplified infrastructure. HPE is the only storage provider with an open SDS solution that can be easily deployed and expanded to grow in line with customer demands.  

Software-defined networking (SDN)

Help your customers to innovate faster by transforming their networks. With SDN solutions from HPE, your customers can take full advantage of the digital era. Virtualising their networks gives the business access to greater capabilities including mobility, virtualisation, high-definition video, rich-media collaboration tools, and cloud computing.


Discover the HPE products that will transform your customer’s data centre.


What are the benefits?

With HPE, your customers can successfully virtualise their environments and leverage the benefits of a truly software-defined data centre including: 

50% smaller footprint by eliminating physical arrays, reducing issues related to space, maintenance and high costs.

Accelerated application and service delivery through a single interface that precisely composes logical infrastructures at near-instant speeds.

Increased productivity and control across the data centre, giving power back to administrators to define requirements for their business’s growth. 

High performance and availability so applications can be deployed quickly and brought to market ahead of services from competitors. 

Next step

Data centre maturity audit

As a reseller, you are responsible for identifying the right data centre opportunities for customers and offering solutions that will meet their virtualisation needs. Complete our maturity audit to define your customer’s data centre competency and the next steps they should take.