Help your customers to leverage the power of technology, deploy new applications and efficiently run traditional workloads with HPE Synergy.

What is HPE Synergy and how can you sell it?

HPE Synergy is an infrastructure that composes physical and virtual compute, storage and fabric pools into any configuration for any application. Using HPE OneView as the management tools, there is no need for your customers to learn a whole new product.

Position yourself as a trusted advisor who cares about their customer’s satisfaction. Offer a pay-as-you-use financial model through Tech Data, eliminate the expense of overprovisioning, and help them to grow without costly restraints.

So what are the features of HPE Synergy?

HPE Synergy Frame
Combine your customer’s compute, storage and fabric in a single, physical intelligent infrastructure. Leverage their existing storage and connectivity resources in new data centre environments, while giving them the power to deploy new compute modules quickly.

HPE Synergy Composer
Accelerate your customer’s IT environment transformation. Your customers can deploy infrastructure for traditional, virtualised and cloud environments in a matter of minutes. Integrated with Synergy Frame, it helps IT rapidly respond to changing business needs.

HPE Synergy Composable Fabric
Simplify your customer’s networking and improve their scalability with a pool of flexible fabric capacity. Your customer’s IT team can confidently implement infrastructure changes with a single tool, configuring fabrics almost instantly to provision new applications.

HPE Synergy Composable Compute
Optimise your customer’s internal storage choices to match their workload requirements. Deliver superior, enterprise-grade availability and automate their change operations, significantly improving real-time compliance and your customer’s manual errors.

HPE Synergy Composable Storage
Help your customers to respond effortlessly to unpredictable business demands. Eliminate the complexity and limitations of siloed resources and administration with high-density storage options from software-defined storage to fully orchestrated flash arrays.

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