Transition your customers to a software-defined data centre (SDDC), leverage their IT and help them to innovate at a faster pace with HPE OneView for VMware.

What is HPE OneView for VMware and how can you sell it?

HPE OneView for VMware streamlines the transition to a SDDC for joint customers. Increasing the efficiency of your customer’s business, this product automates their day-to-day management and provisioning tasks.

Position yourself as a trusted advisor for a wider customer base. Stay ahead of competitors by working with Tech Data to deliver the only platform that can provision, monitor, update, and scale HPE resources without your customers needing to leave the vCenter console.

So what are the benefits of HPE OneView for VMware?

Seamless integration with VMware vCenter
Integrate HPE converged infrastructure management directly into VMware vCenter. Let your customers use a familiar VMware management tool to provision, monitor, update, and scale HPE compute, storage, and network resources. 

Plug in and run capability
With storage and server modules, HPE OneView for VMware is easy to download, deploy and use. Helping to monitor the system’s health, this product gives customers granular visibility and the ability to create, expand and delete data stores easily.

Centralise control of multiple environments
Streamline your customer’s management. HPE OneView for VMware allows them to manage both environments as one. Deliver insights into the relationship between physical and virtual infrastructure so customers can manage data centre change more effectively.

Increase capacity on demand
Improve your customer’s scalability and provisioning with the tools from HPE OneView for VMware. Give their administrators the freedom to expand compute and storage resource as needed to support their growing business challenges.

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