Empower your customers to quickly deploy infrastructures and simplify their lifecycle operations with HPE OneView.

What is HPE OneView and how can you sell it? 

HPE OneView is an infrastructure automation engine built with software-defined intelligence. Automating the provisioning, configuration and monitoring of your customer’s infrastructure, HPE OneView increases productivity and control across the data centre.

Position yourself as a trusted advisor with HPE OneView and Tech Data by giving power back to your customer’s administrators. Increase your sales through cross-sell and upsell opportunities with additional and complementary solutions and services from HPE.

So what are the benefits of HPE OneView?

Software-defined intelligence 
Your customers can benefit from intelligence across the HPE family of infrastructure solutions. Give them the confidence to improve their data centre today, as well as evolve their composability tomorrow. 

Faster compute automation
Give your customers the freedom to independently define the configurations of their systems. With server profile templates, they have the ability to make changes to virtual machines and roll them out, simultaneously, across multiple systems.

Faster storage automation
Automate your customer’s storage to speed up provisioning, resolve SAN issues quickly and automate policy-driven rollouts of enterprise class storage resources. Your customer’s business will become more responsive, more efficient and operationally streamlined.

Faster network fabric management 
Empower your customers to make server changes transparent to storage and networks. Give them the ability to configure network connectivity from blades to switches in a matter of minutes, rather than days. 

Simplified lifecycle operations 
Improve your customer’s visibility of the health and performance of their infrastructure. HPE OneView actively monitors issues so your customers can respond with agility, minimising business downtime and boosting productivity. 

Data centre maturity audit

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