Create new value instantly for your customers by delivering a composable infrastructure

What is a composable infrastructure?

Composable infrastructure is HPE’s new approach to architecture, designed for any workload using individual technology elements. It’s consistently proven to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency for your customers. It eliminates silos throughout their business, so they can free up compute, storage, and networking resources.

Three key design principles

Building on their converged infrastructure knowledge and experience, HPE have designed a new architecture that can meet the growing demands for a faster, more open, and continuous infrastructure. It’s the next-generation approach to composable infrastructure. It’s built around three key design elements:

Fluid resource pools

compute, storage and fabric are composed, and recomposed, on demand via HPE OneView. It boots up ready to deploy workloads, regardless of whether they’re physical, virtual, or containerised. 


Software-defined intelligence

Enable high-level, automated operations throughout your customer’s environments. Be the trusted advisor who reduces complexity and the amount of manual tasks customers must complete. 

A unified API

Uses a single line of code to abstract every infrastructure element, delivering 100% programmability and a bare-metal interface for your customer’s environment.

Architect your customer’s data centre with HPE Synergy

HPE Synergy is the first composable infrastructure platform, designed from the ground to run both traditional and cloud-native applications. Deliver this technology to your customers to:

  • Reduce their CAPEX and overprovisioning with fluid resource pools. 
  • Accelerate their application and service delivery through a single interface. 
  • Simplify their lifecycle operations, including costs and efforts. 
  • Increase their productivity and control across the data centre. 

Combine software-defined intelligence with a unified API that incorporates powerful tools from the HPE partner ecosystem and deliver infrastructural excellence to your customers. 

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Discover an infrastructure that composes physical and virtual compute, storage and fabric pools into any configuration for any application.

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