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Make hybrid IT simple

Build hybrid solutions for your customers that seamlessly span traditional IT, private cloud, and public cloud. Help them to evolve, stay competitive in a modern, fast-paced world, transform their environment and maintain legacy systems where appropriate. Work with HPE and Tech Data to build a transformation roadmap for your customers to maximise results.

A rewarding partnership

Leverage HPE’s world-class

HPE is the industry’s foremost provider for hybrid IT, leading the way in delivering next-generation technologies and software-defined infrastructures.This technology will run your customer’s datacenters today, whilst creating a bridge to tomorrow’s composable environments.

Keep your customers agile and support their ever-changing business needs with the latest technology. With the right hybrid solution for their infrastructure and data centres, your customers can advance their business and repeat further purchases with you in the future.


Solve your customer’s business

As a partner of Tech Data and HPE, there are a number of ways you can package hybrid IT infrastructures and solutions to support your customers. Your customers will benefit from:

  • Improved availability and resilience across their apps and data.
  • Delivery of on-demand capacity with flexible consumptions models.
  • Consolidated infrastructure so they can accelerate app development.
  • Address of potential threats with solutions that have security and resilience built-in.
  • Prioritised data growth and analysis for their business.
  • Continued returns from existing data centre investments.


Create a hybrid infrastructure

HPE’s product portfolio offers all the elements you need to create an efficient, high-performing, hybrid IT environment for your customers.

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Pre-integrated, modular, scalable converged systems.

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