HP Displays

Settle for nothing but the best

From CAD models to editing photos, work comes alive on HP’s highest performance displays that deliver remarkable colour across your customers’ workflows - they can select the size, resolution and connectivity to fit the way they work.

HP Dreamcolor Displays

Enable your customers to innovate with bright, rich colours and intense shadow detail. HP’s extensive colour spectrum offers over one billion colours with DCI P3 and Adobe RGS coverage for exceptionally smooth transitions.

HP Dreamcolor Displays offer the world’s first self-calibrating colour-critical display which allows for ultimate confidence and accuracy.

Supreme colour right out of the box
Consistent, accurate colour between displays and from project to project is easier than ever with factory colour calibration from the very first time you power on.

Quality from the start
Every HP display is rigorously tested to help ensure it’s a reliable, long-life, visual solution.

Big ideas for small spaces
Make the most of your available workspace by mounting powerful HP machines directly behind the display for a compact, efficient, single-footprint solution.

Streamline productivity with screens for every project
Multi-task without disruptions across multiple HP displays.

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