Why Partner with Tech Data and
Google Chrome Enterprise?

Partnering with Tech Data

Partnering with Tech Data and Google Chrome Enterprise is a unique opportunity to differentiate your business and open up new revenue streams. Grow your business by capitalising on opportunities to win net new customers in new markets.

The Chrome Enterprise offering delivers a solution with lower cost of care, managed service opportunities, higher margins and further opportunities for you to propose and implement a holistic solution to customers.

You can give cloud workers the freedom to harness the agility of cloud-based tools and services safely and without dependence on a single device, promising ultimate performance, security and ease of use.

Drive Growth

  • Win new customers
  • Open up new markets
  • Be one of the first partners to market with Google
  • Stay competitive within Windows environments

Reduce Cost

  • Simpler and quicker to upskill and equip your customers
  • Tech Data supported Onboarding Programme
  • Onsite sales and technical training
  • Comprehensive online resources

Increase Profit

  • Lower TCO for your customers
  • Managed Service opportunities
  • Opportunity for holistic approach
  • First to market enables higher margins

Increase customer Satisfaction

  • Secure by design
  • Reduced overheads
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Granular controls

One of our call center managers says it takes longer to get a Chromebook out of the box than it does to set it up – and I believe it.

Identify cloud opportunities with Chrome Enterprise

Chrome Enterprise is the perfect proposition to help you open up new markets and win new customers. Download our infographic to see how to identify key verticals and segments that have strong use cases for Chrome Enterprise to increase your business growth, and in turn your profit.

Download the Infographic


with Chrome Enterprise

With increasing importance on portability, convenience, and workplace flexibility, more and more businesses are opting for laptops as the primary device needed for their employees. When those laptops get left at home or on the other side of the country during a business trip, or unfortunately take a glass of water to the keyboard, a remedy is needed, fast. The quicker that remedy can be actioned, the less time and money lost, and the quicker the employee can get back to making amazing things happen.

Your customer can combat these common issues with Grab and Go from Google Chrome Enterprise, a self-service shared Chromebook program which is made up of a shelf stacked with Chromebooks in their workplace. Employees can simply pick up a device, log in, and get to work in minutes. When they’re done, they put it back for the next user – with no reconfiguration necessary.

Less Downtime
Google Account and Chrome Sync help users pick up where they left off in the cloud

More Security
Chrome OS features encrypted profiles, verified boot, automatic updates, and sign-in restrictions

Lower Maintenance
Chromebooks are easy to set up – no need to reset or reconfigure after each loan

Download the Grab and Go White paper

The programme is ideal for:

  • Loaner devices
  • Temporary workers
  • Frontline workers
  • Thin client replacement
  • Call centres
  • Sales-centric organisations
  • Healthcare
  • Shared device fleets

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