Work smart and safe in the cloud with Google Chrome Enterprise

Enable your customers to manage access to data, applications, and extensions without breaking a sweat

An OS, a browser, and devices that work

Chrome OS 

Enable your customers to enjoy the benefits of a cloud-native operating system that’s simple for IT to manage, secure by nature and easy for employees to use.

An OS that’s specifically built to operate in the cloud, Chrome enables employees to simply get the job done.
Do a lot more, with a lot less time and effort with a device boot time of just six short seconds, your customers’ employees simply log in and go with ease. 

Secure by design

It’s more important than ever to be able to offer your customers end-to-end safeguarding of their enterprise. Secure by design, Google Chrome Enterprise keeps their customer and business data safe across every endpoint.

Enable your customers to mitigate costly breaches and potential for human error with multi-layered protection, such as firmware integration, centralised management and AI-driven threat detection.

With Google Chrome Enterprise, regular controlled updates will also ensure that their enterprise is up to date with the most advanced security features.

Granular control

Enable your customers to have comprehensive oversight with granular policy controls under the Chrome Enterprise License. With over 200 user and device policies, Chrome OS centralises management while maintaining data privacy and compliance.

Your customers will be able to provision and monitor their devices efficiently by adjusting user permissions and preventing unauthorised access.

With these systems in place, as well as flexible EMM and IDP options, their enterprise is free to expand at scale within a controlled environment.

Smart investment

Support your customers’ enterprise as it evolves. Simplified and centralised management results in annual savings of £377* per device, while automatic updates increase their employees productivity by eliminating the wait.

Without the distractions created by local platforms, users can get more out of their day and improve their performance. By targeting total cost of ownership through reduced IT overheads and upgrade downtime, Chrome OS simply gets better over time.

*Accurate at time of conversion from USD

Chrome Browser

Give your customers the freedom to work when, where, and how they want while keeping their business data safe and secure.

  • Site isolation to prevent malicious hacks from spreading
  • 300+ policies such as content filtering and site blacklisting
  • Countless extensions which can be managed through permissions
  • Stability, compatibility, and usability
Ultimate security

Chrome browser continuously improves security, helping your customers safeguard customer and business data across their enterprise.

  • Safe browsing - Advanced malware and phishing protection gives your customers’ employees a safe cloud experience
  • Regular security updates - Users are protected from the latest security vulnerabilities – no patching required
  • Sandboxing - Prevents malware and isolates malicious web pages that try to infect devices, monitor web activity, or steal data
  • Site isolation - Makes it harder for untrusted websites to access or steal information from accounts on other sites
Enables users

With Chrome Browser, users can access the full power of the web and customise their experience on any device.

  • Seamless access - Unified user experience across different devices and operating systems
  • Thousands of extensions - Easy to customise the browsing experience to fit your customers’ needs
  • Cross-platform support - Support for all users across all Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, and mobile devices
  • Popular enterprise apps - G Suite, Office 365, Salesforce, Workday, SAP Fiori, UberConference and more 

Chrome Devices  

Work from anywhere and everywhere with Chrome devices.

Google have re-imagined every feature of the Chromebook from the ground up, to be smarter, faster and more secure.

With a long-life battery, portable design and seamless offline transitions, Chromebooks make work seamless for frequent travellers, office roamers, and remote workers alike.

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Sleek, beautiful, durable
Designed for flexibility and crafted with premium hardware, Chromebooks are made to fit beautifully and seamlessly into your customers day. With built-in virus protection and automatic updates, they always stay fast.

  • Sleek and lightweight devices
  • Convertibles and detachables available
  • Touchscreen and tablet mode capabilities  

Sleep soundly with built-in security
From the moment your customers first open their Chromebook, they’re protected by multiple layers of security to defend against malware, viruses and accidental mishaps.

  • Isolate potential incidents with ‘sandboxing’ – every tab your customers open is independent from the important functions of their Chromebook
  • Refresh your device back to factory settings and rid it of any rare malware with Power Washing
  • Stay one step ahead with auto updates 

Power creativity and brilliance
Forget the mad dash to find a plug socket, every single Chromebook comes with a 10-hour battery life, so your customers can do more with every charge. Give your customers 10 hours to work, play, watch and make, completely cord-free.

  • Works online or off
  • All-day battery 

Unrivalled speed
Chromebooks boot in seconds and update automatically so they’re always working at peak performance. No long load times, no confusing setup, just flip it open and get going.

  • Optimises for efficiency in updates
  • Starts in seconds
  • Never slows down

“Small box, big opportunities”

Turn any screen into a Chrome device with Chromebox. Whether you’re looking to attach the box to a high-end screen or create a cost-effective desktop, Chromebox’s excellent spec and flexibility make it the perfect small form device.

Chromebox can act as a data centre for your desktop, phone or tablet so that you always have access to your favourite G suite applications and the files you need. 

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Turn your display into a PC with the world’s smallest Chrome OS. At just 12cm long, this small form factor turns any screen into an intelligent display by simply plugging it into a HDMI port. 

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Chrome Enterprise License

The Chrome Enterprise License builds upon the speed, simplicity, and security that comes as standard with Chrome OS.

Enable your customers to remotely manage, provision, deploy, and implement policies to Chromebooks across their enterprise. Allow them to streamline arduous IT tasks and enable employees to be more productive – building incredible value for their business.

Manage apps, customer browser and enable Chrome Sync for an optimal user experience

Manage an entire fleet of Chrome devices with increased flexibility for greater operational efficiency 

Protect your customers’ company and user data with enterprise-grade security – from hardware chips to application sandboxing

Support and Updates
Reduce your dependency on reactive user support and leverage 24/7 support from Google, if needed


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