Build your Chrome Enterprise practice with
Google enablement and Tech Data training

Validate your technical expertise and gain industry recognition
with training and certifications

Tech Data Onboarding Enablement

The advantage of Chrome Enterprise is that it couldn’t be simpler or quicker to implement and upskill your teams or your customers.
Tech Data will support you on your Chrome Enterprise partner journey - delivering onsite sales and technical training in collaboration with the Google Chrome Enterprise team, so that your employees are ready with the skills needed to win you new customers and deploy Chrome Enterprise products.

Google University is the destination for partners around the world to learn how to effectively market, sell, order, deploy, and support Google Cloud products. The heart of Google University contains role-specific learning plans that target the skills needed by every partner to be successful.

Partner Certification Kickstart

Partner Certification Kickstart is an accelerated training and coaching programme to help you prepare for Google Cloud Certifications.

Guidance, free training and coaching to help you prepare for your certification exam

Dedicated support and exclusive access to experts from Google Cloud Platform 

Weekly progress reports help you through the journey

Google Cloud certification ‘swag’ after you’ve completed the training and passed the exam 


Become a Google Cloud Certified Professional to:

Keep partner status
Getting certified is required in order to maintain your partner status

Stay competitive
Showcase validated, technical skills that solve real-world challenges 

Enhance team skills
Give your team the opportunity to boost their skills, demonstrate expertise, and display personal badges 

Kickstart is the first of many training and coaching programs
that Google Cloud will be offering exclusively to partners

Google Cloud Certifications

Become Google Cloud Certified and show the world you can design, develop, manage and administer application infrastructure and data solutions on Google Cloud technology. The Google Cloud Certified designation means you’ve demonstrated the necessary skills to leverage Google Cloud technology in a way that transforms businesses and meaningfully impacts the people and customers they serve. Classes include technical skills and best practises to help you get up to speed quickly and continue your learning journey. Certifications are available in technical, sales and services.

Choose your learning track and area of expertise from
the following and more: 

Cloud Infrastructure
This track is designed for IT professionals who are responsible for implementing, deploying, migrating and maintaining applications in the cloud

Data and Machine Learning
The track is designed for data professionals who are responsible for designing, building, analysing and optimising big data solutions

Application Development
This track is designed for application programmers and software engineers who develop software programs in the cloud

Your Gateway to GCP
For IT professionals seeking an introduction to Google Cloud Platform


Transform retail experiences with the power of the cloud

Grab customer attention like never before with cloud-based solutions.

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