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Gain the skills you need to differentiate yourself and build industry credibility with your customers.

Credentials, Certifications and Competencies

The right knowledge can propel your sales into new territories. The Dell Partner Academy gives you the Credentials and Certifications needed to take your sales potential to the next level.
As you earn recognition for Sales, System Engineer, Technology Architect, Services and Marketing, you qualify your company for Competency compliance, opening up even more opportunities to sell.
Certifications and Credentials are available in the following portfolio and solution areas:

Core Client Solutions


Cloud Client-Computing

Client Data Security



Data Protection


Converged / Hyper-Converged

Software Defined Infrastraucture

Hybrid Cloud

Connected Workforce

What’s New?

Dell EMC are dedicated to accelerating your business with a first-class training framework. Improvements to the program include:


Maintenance Learning Path

This protects a pre-existing learner’s training investments, and equates to a significant reduction in total training hours required.


Expanded Selection
of Solutions

Dell now offer a greater selection of Solutions, Competencies and Credentials throughout the program year, including broader Hybrid Cloud Credentials. These broader Competencies will enable your team to help your customers transform their businesses.


More Intuitive Navigation

The Dell Partner Academy now includes learning journeys aligned to key areas of focus, resulting in less time searching and more time learning.

Increase your value

Extend your learning beyond what’s required for Credentials, Certifications and Competencies. Elevate your knowledge via elective learning areas and live training events near you.

Additional features on Partner Academy include:

Maintenance Learning Path

An on-boarding resource centre designed to accelerate time to productivity in successfully selling Dell EMC products and solutions. Fast Start also provides guides to navigate the Partner Program and Partner Academy.

Elevate your knowledge

Learning resources to accelerate knowledge around Services, Displays and Client Peripherals, Dell EMC Financial Services and Guided Solutions Training.


On-demand video library with a range of channels and searchable video content, including best practice sales pitches, product and solutions specific learning content and more.

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