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Offer your customers an entire solution to solve their business challenges rather than simply plugging the gap with solitary products.
This creates a more effective solution for your customers, and creates opportunities for greater profitability for you – all through partnering with
Tech Data and Dell Technologies.

Cloud Solutions

Dell Technologies are the industry leader* when it comes to cloud solutions – with offerings expanding cloud platforms, cloud-enabled infrastructure, consumption models, and services.

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Data Centre Solutions

Dell Technologies' data centre solutions are designed to help your customers' business respond dynamically to the rapidly evolving market place. Dell Technologies and Tech Data have the technical expertise to guide you into creating the best data centre offering; enabling you to make sales, grow your business and increase your profit.

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Desktop Virtualisation Solutions

Transform your customers' workforce with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) from Dell Technologies. What’s more, Tech Data and Dell Technologies are uniquely positioned to be able to provide a complete solution, unlike any other provider on the market.

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IoT Solutions

Offer your customers an IoT solution that’s unique and suits their business needs. This tailored solution creates opportunities for you to open up your IT offerings to a new customer base, increasing your profitability and growing your business.

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Modern Workplace Solutions​

Businesses now require an increasing range of technologies to create an effective modern meeting space. The traditional meeting room began with simple telephony and control systems, but the modern meeting space demands more collaborative technologies.

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Security Solutions

Handling data is often seen as a risk, and your customers shouldn’t have to worry about something that’s so crucial in driving growth and empower employees. For this reason, Dell Technologies and Tech Data are putting your customers’ needs first by offering data security, which evolves with your customers’ workforce, safeguarding their data from emerging threats.

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AV Solutions

Dell’s Large Format Display solutions are available through our Maverick AV Solutions team. Find out more about the Maverick AV Solutions portfolio here

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