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Dell Protection Solutions

Data is at the heart of every business and for this reason it must be protected. Protect, control and monitor your customers' data anywhere, while multi-factor authentication ensures the right person accesses it an and assurance is provided with making backing and recovery simple.

  • Dell Data Guardian
    Protect data while it’s being used and transferred
  • Dell Encryption Enterprise
    Protect data when it’s not in use
  • RSA SecurID® Access
    Multi-factor authentication
  • Mozy by Dell
    Back-up and restore data

Dell Threat Prevention Solutions

Innovative anti-malware solutions, BIOS (basic input/output system) verification and self-healing endpoint visibility from Dell Data Security means your customers can experience faster detection of breaches, and an increased remedy rate. These services will reduce your customers' downtime and prevent expensive security breaches.

  • Dell Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise
    Advanced anti-malware and encryption
  • Dell Threat Defence
  • RSA NetWitness® Endpoint
    Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
  • Absolute®
    Self-healing device visibility and remediation

Manage Endpoints

Dell Data Security makes managing endpoints easier than ever. Through configuring, controlling and supporting all devices, data is safeguarded at every layer, leading to seamless access to any app for increased productivity.

  • VMware® AirWatch®
    Unified endpoint management

Handling data is often seen as a business risk, and your customers shouldn’t have to worry about something that’s so crucial in driving growth and empowering employees. For this reason, Dell Technologies and Tech Data are putting your customers’ needs first by offering Dell Data Security, which evolves with your customers’ workforce, safeguarding their data from emerging threats

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