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Cloud Solutions

Dell Technologies are the industry leader when it comes to cloud solutions –
with offerings including hybrid cloud platforms, cloud-enabled infrastructure, consumption models, and services.

Hybrid Cloud Platforms

Customise your customers’ cloud solutions

Build your customers a bespoke cloud solution that suits their exact business needs. Together, Tech Data and Dell Technologies are poised and ready to help you execute a cloud strategy that aligns to your customers’ vision.

Enjoy the ease of pre-built solutions

Drive your customers to faster profitability with pre-built, standardised hybrid cloud infrastructure solutions from Dell Technologies. This solution also promises your customers IT certainty with less risk.

Choose an implementation option that suits your customers’ needs

DIY Cloud
Building Blocks

Maintain complete control of your customers’ private cloud platform design.

Reference Architecture
Cloud Platforms

Guidance for your customers’ cloud platform based on tested configurations.

Integrated Cloud

Speed roll out, increase consistency and mitigate risk with the following engineered systems.

Public Cloud

Leverage shared cloud platforms that deliver IT-as-a-Service off premises.

Cloud-Enabled Infrastructure

Choose a cloud capability that fits with your customer’s existing infrastructure

Offer your customers a cloud-enabled infrastructure that will give them higher application service levels and transform the performance of their backup, tiering, archiving, retention and disaster recovery investments. Cloud Enabled products and services from Dell Technologies include:

  • Cloud Data Mobility – Provides the flexibility to augment your customers’ on-premises data storage with cloud-based storage – whether on or off premises.
  • Cloud Data Protection – Deliver on your required service levels for backup and recovery as you adopt a cloud operating model.
  • Cloud Data Services – Expands the level of data services for a broad spectrum of cloud workloads.
  • Cloud Control – Get access to the status of your IT systems wherever you are and whenever you need it.

Cloud Consumption

Enable your customers to consume with confidence.

With Dell Financial Services, your customers can use the resources they need when they need them, and pay on their terms.

This service offers your customers the best of both worlds; private cloud control with the elastic capacity and metered usage of public cloud consumption.

Cloud Consulting and Technology Services

Accelerate your customers’ transformation

Tech Data and Dell Technologies will ensure that your customer’s cloud model fits their unique needs – whether they opt for an integrated cloud platform or a ‘build-your-own’ model. Expert cloud services from Tech Data and Dell include:

  • Consulting – Get help to assess, plan and execute your customers’ cloud operating model.
  • Managed Services – Gain efficiencies while expert advisors manage your cloud infrastructure.
  • Deployment – Expert deployment and optimisation of cloud technologies.
  • Support – Anytime access to technology experts and fast issue resolution.
  • Education Services – Establish the skills of your cloud workforce.

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