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Create software-rich and margin-rich sales with our support in Cisco Security.

What is the Security Boost programme?

Tech Data’s Security Boost programme gives you dedicated support for the Cisco Security Architecture. We help you to become a trusted advisor, maximise your profitability and - most importantly - keep your customers safe.


What are the business benefits?

With our support, you can increase your annuity revenue, software volumes and profitability. You can protect your customer’s business, giving them better security insights from every event. Make software-rich and margin-rich sales, while putting your customers at the front of every sale. 

Our Security Boost programme offers partners a free individual assessment from our specialists, empowering you to build your own security business practice. If you’ve already started your business and you’re looking to strengthen it, you can build your security skills with our training offers. We help you to become Cisco Express Security Specialised (ESS). 

With exclusive access to monthly training and enablement sessions, you can deepen your customer insights and complement your portfolio with available service offerings. By working with Tech Data and Cisco, we can help you get access to better pricing, higher rebates and deal protection. 

Our experts will work with you to uncover new revenue opportunities via joint demand generation activities so you can keep on growing. We’ll also train you on how to run Cisco Security Proof of Value assessments, so you can become a trusted advisor in the Security Architecture.

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