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Together, Cisco and Tech Data provide a range of services that enable you to differentiate your business and open new revenue streams. We’ve curated a number of tools to educate your employees, streamline your sales process and create an environment to deepen your relationship with your customers. 


Tech Data’s Momentum programmes come in three flavours – Fundamentals, Boost and ACES – and all are designed to help optimise your Cisco offering to your customers by providing consistent support from our experts. From new partners to the largest resellers, there’s a programme to match all, offering unparalleled assistance and know-how in getting the most out of selling Cisco.

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StreamOne offers the easiest way to sell, manage and implement software and cloud services from Cisco. Providing the Cisco range in a downloadable format makes the process simple, quick and most importantly, profitable.

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StreamOne Enterprise 

StreamOne Enterprise scales up the innovative StreamOne offering from Tech Data to new heights. Provide Cisco software solutions to your largest customers quickly, simply and efficiently.

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Technical Community

Put your customers in the hands of the experts. Tech Data’s Technical Community provides onsite consultancy across multiple vendors, a 24/7, 365 days a year support desk, and Config Centre and Build to Order services, providing complete hardware and software builds, making you, the reseller, an end to end solutions provider rather just a box shifter.

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Cisco Capital

Offering flexible payment solutions, pay-as-you-go and consumption-based models, Cisco Capital makes your customers’ IT budgets go further, while ensuring a regular revenue stream for you.

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Cisco Selector Tool 

Make sure your customers get the right tools for the job with the Tech Data Cisco Product Selector. It provides easy to grasp explanations of complex products, and asks simple questions to offer only the items that meet the customers’ requirements. With the Tech Data Cisco Product Selector, it needn’t take an IT whizz/genius for a customer to get the product they need.

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Software Store

With over 6000 options, Tech Data’s Software Store has got every base covered when it comes to Cisco products and solutions. Results are easily refined and sorted through, to get your customer exactly the right result.

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Tech Data Academy

The Tech Data Academy provides official Cisco courses and certifications, with our experts providing you and your customers with a personalised Cisco training path to provide and assist you both in getting the right training and qualifications.

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Training and Certification 

Deliver a level of service that differentiates you from your competitors and be the Cisco expert your customers need with Tech Data’s range of training and certification programmes. Tech Data offer training in all things Cisco, from Architectural Centrics to Meraki 360 and SMB Bootcamps.

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AV Solutions

Did you know Cisco offer a webex solution to fit the Smart Meeting room? Find out more by visiting our Maverick AV Solution page

Visit the Maverick AV Solutions hub

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Our specialists can help you to grow your business and satisfy your customers, get in touch today to ask any questions and find out how we can help you accelerate your Cisco business.

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