Cisco Advanced Solutions Annuity Practice (ASAP) supporting our partners with their Software Journey

What is the Cisco ASAP programme?

Cisco Advanced Solutions Annuity Practice (ASAP) is our new division, dedicated to helping Cisco partners unlock strategic advantage. Whether you partner with Cisco through its software, services or subscriptions, our ASAP programme can support you. 

Of course, support doesn’t just stop at sales. Our team of experts offer ongoing support. Strategic advice, consultancy, and resources on how you can get the most from Cisco’s offering is made available to you. Why? Because helping you to increase your recurring revenues with Cisco is one of our main objectives.

What are the business benefits of the ASAP programme?

We’ve designed Cisco ASAP to work with our existing architectures, support programmes and products. We deliver a consistent experience across our programmes, helping you to lead the way as a trusted advisor to your customers. Our annuity practice helps you to maximise your sales, improve your margins and meet your customer’s evolving needs. 

Our programme is rooted in after-sales services and provides some key advantages. ASAP offers you exclusive Cisco services that aren’t available through any other distributor. At Tech Data, our experts work closely with you to understand your and your customers’ requirements, customising our approach to help each party to get the most from Cisco.

Customisation is key to successful relationships. That’s why we help you to design your package of services based on your customers’ needs, so you can set yourself apart from and above the competition. By working with the Cisco ASAP division, you can position yourself as a market leader and communicate meaningfully with your customers. 

What will you gain? Increased customer satisfaction, increased loyalty, and increased profits. The ASAP division will help you to achieve higher conversion rates from your customer base, encourage buyers to invest in larger average values in their orders, and return to you time and time again for the latest Cisco solutions and products. 

Our ASAP division offers events, webinars and training. Want to find out more?

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