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Grow your Cisco security business, simplify compliance and protect your customer’s business from cyber criminals.

What is the Security Architecture? 

The Cisco Security Architecture is an end-to-end security portfolio, offering deeply integrated solutions that protect your customer’s network before, during and after an attack. The architecture includes a range of products such as advanced malware protection, next-generation firewalls and VPN security clients - just to name a few. 

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What are the business benefits?

As your customers digitise more of their business, they become more dependant on their IT infrastructure than ever before. With the Cisco Security Architecture, you can empower your customers with industry leading Talos threat intelligence, giving them faster and more effective security for their network, devices, apps and users.

Whatever their business size, you can help them to manage risk and compliance, secure their data centre and protect their files against ransomware. Give your customers the confidence to go digital, without the fear of business downtime and security breaches. Work with Cisco and Tech Data to deliver the best technical architecture for your customers, improve their compliance and to monitor and manage their business against any threats. 

For our partners, the Security Architecture offers a software- and margin-rich sale. By working with us, you will receive exclusive access to monthly training and enablement sessions, receive first hand advice and updates from Cisco Security experts and you can work your way towards becoming Cisco Express Security Specialised. Our experts are on hand to secure your customer’s business and help you to maximise your profitability. 


The Momentum Boost programme 

To help our partners get the most from the Security Architecture, we’ve created the Momentum Boost support programme. We help you to accelerate your business, so not only do you become a trusted advisor, you also become a Cisco specialist. The programme covers four key areas: people, education, platform and development. Our experts help you to build and grow your security business and uncover new revenue opportunities.

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