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Remain competitive by offering your customers a trusted alternative with Cisco Refresh.

What is Cisco Refresh?

Cisco Refresh is a trusted alternative for customers who don’t have the option of buying new equipment. Products and equipments sold and remanufactured as part of Cisco Refresh are backed by the same warranty, service support and options as any new equipment.  

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What are the business benefits?


Cisco Refresh offers great options for your customers and prospects, helping  you to sell to a wider audience. Your customers can purchase the same high quality Cisco products that are both reliable and secure. Our remanufactured products will appeal to your audience, whatever their reasons for purchasing are.

Whether your customers need to purchase at a lower cost or whether they’re simply looking for an environmentally friendly solution, Cisco Refresh can offer them peace of mind. With prices starting at 65% off original equipment prices, Cisco Refresh products provide a cost-effective solution to your customers, so they can focus on their business goals. 

By working with Tech Data and Cisco Refresh, you can be the trusted advisor who captures incremental business in competitive situations. Our experts will support your profitability requirements and meet your customer expectations with a fully Cisco Certified solution.

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