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Improve the performance and reliability of your customer’s data centre, helping them to provision the right networks and innovate with Cisco.

Why you should choose Cisco?

Your customers need a data centre that can support innovation. They require agility and security so they can deliver new services, faster. Cisco delivers cutting-edge technology, integrates business-critical services and offers superior scalability. Position yourself as a trusted advisor by providing integrated infrastructures and service solutions that deliver consistent, highly secure and reliable business results to your customers. Work with Cisco and Tech Data to improve margins and increase your sales.

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What are the benefits?

Cisco’s solutions resolve many of the issues your customers face as they try to compete in an increasingly innovative digital space. Give your customers the benefits of: 

Exceptional performance, scalability and availability for their big data requirements. 

Freedom of choice when it comes to deploying the best cloud environment for their business - whether that’s private, public or hybrid.

An integrated infrastructure that combines cutting-edge technology across Cisco’s software portfolio.

New levels of operational efficiency and adaptability with a data centre that can easily adapt to new requirements.

AV Solutions

Did you know Cisco offer a webex solution to fit the Smart Meeting room? Find out more by visiting our Maverick AV Solution page

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